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If you would like to spend some time with fellow dancers in transition or who have already transitionned, to share ideas and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact as we are tailoring events to suit your needs!

New Secretary General of Danse Transition

Sara Buncic, dancer and choreographer of the Company Elidé in Lausanne is the new secretary general of the Association Danse Transition as of July 1, 2022.

Her artistic background, her knowledge of languages as well as her additional training in cultural management and therapeutic massage have allowed her to work in a wide variety of fields. Thanks to these experiences, Sara has acquired the necessary skills to understand the stakes of an artistic professional life as well as a reconversion in another profession.

Her life experiences and positive energy allow her to lead the administration of the Association Danse Transition and to continue with its actions which aim to value the richness of the dancer’s paths, to allow access to support in the phases of professional transition as well as to ensure the recognition of the profession.

The members of the committee thank Sarah Guillermin and Cristina Martinoni for having ensured the good maintenance and the follow-up of the files of the association. The committee would also like to thank Louise Hanmer, who enthusiastically provided the "Introduction to professional life" courses in the Association's partner schools.

Career Transition Grants

Next deadline: May 27th 2023