Is the dancer's career transition unavoidable?

The physical demands of this profession can only be sustained up to a certain age. The transition of dancers happens around the age of 35. However, in exceptional cases, a dancer’s career can go beyond 45 years of age. Different factors can be the cause of putting an early stop to one’s dance career: difficulty finding work, an accident causing irreparable harm, chronic pain that is a sign of reduced mobility, psychological fatigue, the desire to start a family or to settle down in one place, being weary of the precariousness of an artist’s life. It is important to know that there is life after being a dancer and that one’s professional experience is a real asset for the future.

When can I turn to Danse Transition?

Danse Transition will reply to your questions at all times. Grant applications, skills assessment and coaching must be done at the latest in the year after which your career was suspended, except for exceptional cases that can be justified.

All I have done for my entire life is dance, what else could I do?

The experience of being a professional dancer develops qualities and skills that extend way beyond mere physical ability and can be transferred to any other sector of activity. Self-discipline, the ability to adapt and professional commitment are among the qualities that dancers develop in order to be efficient in their domain. A skills assessment can help you define your career transition project. Do not hesitate to ask for our one-to-one counselling services.

I would like to study a course that lasts 3 years. Can I get support from Danse Transition?

Danse Transition can allocate a grant on the basis of a submitted application and criteria of professionalism to cover tuition fees as well as contribute to living expenses by means of a subsistence grant.

Is it possible to prepare my transition while I am still dancing ?

It is preferable to anticipate the end of your career for several reasons: to choose it and not to suffer it, to take the time needed to decide on a new orientation, to organise the financial transition, to plan for further study and to set up all the necessary steps to be taken.

I am a foreigner, am I eligible to a scholarship from Danse Transition ?

All professional dancers can ask for a one-to-one counselling with Danse Transition. The meeting can lead to a procedure regarding career transition. Certain services, such as transition grants, are provided according to criteria highlighted on our website under Grants> Eligibility.