The mentorship is defined by a relationship between a dancer who wishes to further develop him-/herself in his/her professional life and a mentor who will accompany him/her during his/her progress.

The mentor:

Thanks to the mentor's experience, he/she can offer the dancer an outsider view of the situation and provide inputs for discussion. The mentor shares his/her experience, possibly contacts, and counsel, stimulates analysis of the dancer's needs and helps him/her to broaden his/her horizons.

The relationship:

The relationship between the mentor and the dancer is interpersonal. It offers space for confidential discussion in which the dancer can tackle questions linked to the practice of his/her activity and his/her wish to further develop his/her career. The advantage of this relationship is that it can be flexible and informal, focused on the needs and objectives defined by the dancer. 

Supervision provided by Danse Transition

Danse Transition builds and maintains a pool of former professional dancers. It selects the mentor who best corresponds to the dancer, according to his/her personality and questions. Danse Transition supervises the duo’s connection for a maximum period of one year.

This service is available to all dancers at any stage of their career development.

Mentors participating to this program work on a voluntary basis.  This service costs CHF 50.- to dancers who are members of Danse Transition and CHF 300.- to non-members. This fee is used to cover the program running costs.