A non-profit organisation founded in 1993, Danse Transition guides professional dancers in  French-speaking Switzerland during their performance career and at the moment of their professional transition. The organisation has developed expertise regarding the dancer's profession on which is based its vision and commitment. From this perspective, it helps dancers to become aware of their skills and their potential. It gives them the tools and the means to reach their professional goals after their performance career.

Our goals 

Danse Transition's goal is to help dancers succeed in their professional transition at the end of their performing arts career. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness of the functioning to their sector of work and to provide them with tools to manage their career. Danse Transition works towards improving social recognition as well as recognition by the public authorities of the career of dancers and its specificities. In collaboration with public authorities, the professional community, patrons and sponsors, Danse Transition searches for dancer's career transition financing solutions. At both national and international levels, Danse Transition collaborates with associations involved with the dancer's profession. In this context, it works closely with the Schweizerische Stiftung für die Umschulung von Bühnenkünstlern (a Zurich-based foundation that supports the professional transition of dancers in the German and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland), Danse Suisse and the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD).

Our action 

Throughout their training and professional career, dancers develop a strong set of skills required to thrive in a highly demanding and competitive environment. Skills such as determination, creativity, adaptability, empathy, discipline, physical awareness and resilience are all applicable in other fields. Their skills, talents and resources can and should be employed in new professional activities for the benefit of the dancer and the society as a whole. Danse Transition accompanies dancers and helps them become aware of their skills, providing them with tools and means to achieve their new professional goals.