Courses and round tables

Introductory course to the Professional Life

Specially designed for young dancers following professional (or pre-professional) training, this course guides them through the dance profession and the performing arts field, in which they will work in the future. Danse Transition provides young dancers with tools to facilitate their integration to the professional environment straight after their artistic education.

The course is structured by 5 to 10 classes but it can be organized differently depending on the school/university’s needs. Lessons cover the following topics:

  • Professional dancer:  vocation and profession
  • Professional dance in Switzerland (the job market, different types of contracts, professional field organization, resource organizations)
  • Job hunting (auditions, networking, cvs and biography, job application dossier)
  • Employability (contracts, pension funds, social insurances)
  • Professional career :  mid-term to long-term (projection to 1, 5 and 15 years, career transition)

The course is tailored according to the age and needs of the young students.

If you are interested in learning more about our institution or wish to suggest classes in our school, please contact +41 76 710 57 70 or by email


Trampoline Day - workshops for young dancers

Trampoline Day is a full day workshops dedicated to young dancers. 

It is organized on a biennial  basis by Danse Transition, since 2015, as a continuation from the regular introductory courses taught by recognized dance training institutions such as the Ballet Junior de Genève, the Dance Area June Ballet, the Manufacture Bachelor program in Contemporary Dance, the Marchepied from Lausanne and the CFC danseur/euse interprète from Geneva.

Trampoline Day is a bridge between dance training and professional life. It aims to broaden the perspectives of young dancers by showing the richness and variety of professional paths, while allowing them to develop a more defined vision of their own strengths for their future.

Organized in a "neutral place", Trampoline Day brings together young dancers from different dance training programs and allows them to meet each other, overcome timidity, develop social skills and expand their network. By generating a platform for ideas, experiences and information exchange, Trampoline Day proves to be a very relevant exercise in view of young dancers' professional career development.


Round table - La Manufacture

Every year, Danse Transition organises in collaboration with La Manufacture, the Higher Education School of Performing Arts, a round table discussion on the transition from education to the profession.

The guests, usually choreographers, emerging professional dancers, or those who have transitioned careers, as well as programmers, share their experiences of their transition: the challenges, the setbacks as well as the successes they encountered. They discuss how they balance their professional life with their personal life, which often intertwine or where one of the two may be neglected, and how to approach programmers while feeling legitimate in their emergence.

This roundtable aims to provide ideas and tools to navigate the profession of choreographic artist.

The roundtable is open to the public upon registration, and the number of seats is limited.

Dates are communicated at the beginning of each year on Danse Transition's website, social media, and in their newsletter.


Trampoline Day 2023 Gallery

The fifth edition of Trampoline Day took place in the grounds of L'Espace in Geneva, around fifty young people benefited from the intervention of seven professionals. Pictures taken by Romain Keller. 
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Galerie photos de la Journée Trampoline 2019

La troisième édition de la Journée Trampoline a eu lieu dans les locaux de l'Abri à Genève, une cinquantaine de jeunes ont bénéficié de l'intervention de huit professionnels.
Crédits photographiques Grégory Batardon.
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Trampoline Day 2017 Gallery

The second edition of Trampoline Day brought together young people from different professional backgrounds to develop social skills and expand their network for professional life.
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A time to think on the dancer's career.

The Trampoline Day first edition took place on November 11th, 2015 and its second edition on November 7th, 2017. Danse Transition would like to thank its partnering schools/universities and l'Abri Geneva for hosting  both events.            

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